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Simply the Easiest Way to Start Your Online Business

In this guide I have broken it down to 7 simple steps to launch your online business and show you the tools and resources to get started for less than $100.
What other businesses can you start as quick and painless?

An Online Business Does Not Have to Be Hard to Start.

Too many times we overcomplicate things. That is why I wanted to put it into simple steps so you have NO MORE EXCUSES! It is all about what you can do to BE EPIC TODAY, so BET On Yourself!


Brainstorm a name that when people read it they will instantly know what your business is about – Don’t try to get too cute.


A hosting plan is where your website files and content will live. Make sure to give them a warm, cozy, and resourceful home.


Yes there is a free version of WordPress, but if you are serious about your online business follow this guide for the right way to start.


Whether it is in written or video form you want to connect with your audience and give search engines a reason to find you.

Mobile Friendly Designs Make Search Engines Happy

A business does not exist without conversions. Using WordPress and the tools I outline in the guide will set your new business up to be a lead generating machine right from the start. Not too mention search engines such as Google (you have heard of them, right?) are rewarding mobile friendly sites in their rankings.


Launching your online busines using WordPress means NO CODING SKILLS NECESSARY! That alone drew me to the platform over 5 years ago!

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